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Ivis:Dashboards - MiFID II

To help you define and manage pre- and post MiFID II change and transition.

  • Includes all Articles and Provisions for Level 1 MiFID II Directive, and MIFIR as well as current Level 2 documents
  • All L1 articles and provisions are mapped to the relevant Technical Advice, Draft and Final RTS, ITS documents as a composite set
  • Reference 'pop-up' links to identify related regulatory documents for additional research
  • A simple and logical interface to search by theme or individual Article helps to immediately identify all the relevant provisions and requirements

Contact Ivis today to get more information about our MiFID II Dashboard and to setup an online demo.

A MiFID II dashboard fully customizable for compliance and project management.

  • Create your own Obligation, adding in-house processes, business decisions, revised policies - mapped to any related L1 and L2 Article and Provision
  • Include references with your Obligation, including adding additional related documents
  • Assign Obligations and tasks to business groups or individual team members
  • With Obligations and documents mapped to all Articles and Provisions you also have a verifiable audit trail to demonstrate decision making processes and methodologies

A MiFID II dashboard to review reports and monitor progress towards compliance

  • Real time dashboard for tracking your compliance and PM progress
  • See at a glance outstanding, in-progress or completed Obligations
  • Review current status of active and applicable Articles and Obligations
  • Immediate overview of all Criteria Key Activities and Obligations
  • Set up automated e-mail alerts and notifications by Article, Provision or Obligation





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