Why Ivis PRO?

Combating the Fraud Triangle

Our system attacks potential misconduct from three perspectives: ethics, compliance & leadership and allows companies to address risk areas.

1. Rationalization – Take into account an employee’s ability to justify their misconduct
2. Opportunity – Analyze the ease with which an employee can commit misconduct.
3. Pressure – Assess the financial pressure or emotional motive for an employee to engage in misconduct.

Along with this unique approach is Ivis’s ability to create and manage risk mitigation plans with a suite of monitoring and reporting capabilities all in a low cost, scalable solution.

The Benefits of PRO

Ivis PRO allows your company to implement and maintain a compliance management system which will enable users to document how you address the fraud triangle from a risk perspective.

Risk and Compliance – Protect Your Company

Are you subject to stringent industry standards? If so, your company needs a compliance management program that gives you protection from misconduct, legal fees, fines, onerous government oversight and the fraud triangle.

Successful companies combat these threats by committing to a far-reaching compliance program and implementing powerful technology to support it. Without a compliance management system your company is vulnerable to employee misconduct and false claims made worse by a lack of monitoring and poor reporting.

Ivis PRO lets you identify behavior risks. By implementing our compliance management system, with compliance plans, monitoring, and metrics, you can confidently adhere to reporting requirements, policies mandates, audits, and claims.