Ivis Sustainability provides a simple solution for companies to fulfill sustainability management to support required or voluntary disclosures.

Whether it’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) specific or sustainability in general, the Ivis Sustainability solution offers:

  • a simple, easy to understand sustainability management solution
  • an industry recognized sustainability framework
  • a vast array of industry specific disclosure topics
  • visibility into the current state of a company’s sustainability program
  • a way to achieve a holistic approach to improve a company’s impact on ESG topics

Ivis Sustainability provides the who, what, when, and how for managing sustainability programs.

Sustainability Disclosure…
Required? – Ivis has you covered!
Voluntary? – Ivis has you covered!

Ivis offers flexible pricing designed to align with your business budget. Every organization has different compliance requirements, number of employees, business type and internal structure. To meet these varying needs, Ivis offers pricing options, one of which will fit your needs. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Ivis Technologies licenses and uses the SASB Standards and SICS taxonomy in our work.